Lee Laboratory

Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells

At the Lee Lab

In the Lee Lab, we focus on cardiovascular tissue engineering with applied mechanics, stem cells, and regenerative medicine. We have been using stem cells to better understand the underlying biological mechanisms in various micro-environments. Specifically, we’re primarily looking at the interactions between activated macrophages and how cardiomyocytes affect their function. Also, more recently we have been working with insulin producing islet cells and pancreatic tissue towards developing novel approaches for diabetes treatment.

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Dr. Lee has spearheaded in the development of in vitro tissue models and novel bioreactors in the field of cardiovascular tissue engineering in the past several years. She has developed spontaneously beating heart chambers exhibiting key characteristics of native heart for the first time, which is truly novel and powerful for answering questions that cannot easily be approached in vivo. he has also developed a uniaxial and a biaxial stretching device, which can be used to study the impact of mechanical stimulation on engineered cardiac tissues.

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